The Holmes Organisation

Core Values Brochure

New employees of The Holmes Organisation are expected to understand and abide by 10 core company values. As a reminder of those values, the company asked Wingard Creative to create a small, handy brochure with the definition of each. 

While looking for inspiration, I became excited by the idea of these core values being illustrated as “building blocks.” I wanted the brochure to be an accordion fold, perfectly dividing each value into one panel (plus a front and back cover), with a final half-fold rolling the panels inside the front and back cover. Below are images of this concept as it would appear if the piece was fully open, laying flat. The individual panels can be viewed by clicking the cover photo.

Unfortunately, after designing this concept, the client decided to go in a different direction and the piece was never produced.


InDesign, Illustrator

Wingard Creative

March 2017

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