Deerwood Country Club

Old Still Membership Brochure

Deerwood Country Club was among the clientele when I worked at Wingard Creative. They were approached by the management of a local community of homes called Old Still, only minutes away from Deerwood Country Club. Old Still proposed the idea of offering their residents a limited membership to the Club, thus adding to the Club’s membership roster, and giving Old Still residents access to amenities not available in their own neighborhood.

I was tasked with reworking and making edits to the existing Deerwood Country Club brochure to reflect the offering specific to residents of Old Still. These edits included the addition of a welcome letter, changes to the membership details, and other modifications to personalize it for Old Still, as well as some photo retouching and color correction. 


InDesign, Photoshop

Wingard Creative

July 2017

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